My Brothers,

Our Masonic journey to that perfect ashlar continues as we take on a new year. Together, we will continue to support our families, our community, and most of all, each other. It’s that brotherly love and friendship that cements us and I’m honored to serve you as master of our great lodge. We will continue our lodge traditions, be open to embracing new ideas or share ideas to inspire positive changes, expand our community outreach, collaborate with district lodges, have a presence with our youth chapters, and strengthen our masonic ritual work and education.

There’s no denying the participation, dedication, enthusiasm, and hard labors that you’ve all contributed over the years, and it’s you who make a difference
in keeping our lodge active. I’m looking forward to experiencing the challenges ahead and enjoying our successes with all of you.


WM. Cristhian Astudillo

From the East

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